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White Labeled Ticketing

Empower your clients by allowing them to open support tickets, all fully white-labeled, and let our staff handle the request.


Supporting your clients through our ticketing system has never been easier. With our support you can:

  • Offer 24/7 support, even when you’re sleeping or on vacation.
  • Customize reply emails using your own domain name.
  • Create a fully white-labeled client area.
  • Support departments. ie: Tech Support, Sales, WordPress Support
  • Convert a ticket to an invoice for your clients.
White Labeled Client Support
White Labeled Phone Support Icon

White-Labeled Phones


With the power of Twilio and GoGoCreate, a customer can call a designated support number and our staff will answer the phone as your company.

How our white-labeled phone support works:

Stripe Integration with GoGoCreate
  • Choose a phone number either in your area code or use a toll free number.
  • Supply that number to your clients.
  • When your client calls, we see your company name on our phones and answer as you.
  • We can then pull up your client’s server information and help them through whatever technical issues they may be having. Server or WordPress related.
  • Finally, we will log a ticket into your system explaining the phone call for your records.


Can I handle my client's support?

Most of our clients do this - it's very simple and you can view all your client tickets in our portal and access phone number routing at your convenience.

Do you offer custom plans?

Offering white label support is a complex task, thus at this time - we do not offer any custom plans or custom scripting.

Can I use my own phone number?

In order for our phone system to recognize your number as your company we require that you purchase a different phone number through GoGoCreate. This will also give you useful tracking tools to view how your support is going with us.

Do I have to white label my support?

No, in fact, GoGoCreate's branding is clean an intuitive and will set your customer's at ease knowing that their support is being handled by one of the industry's leading experts in hosting.