What Makes the WordPress Platform Second to None?

August 16, 2017 3:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It has been said that, “All great things have small beginnings”. This also holds true for WordPress, an open source project built on PHP and MySQL. Initially started as a blogging platform, which with the passage of time has become popular content management system (CMS). Businesses all over the world have hailed this platform with open arms which showcases their business in new light. As of date it has been used by more than 74 million sites. The credit of launching WordPress goes to Matt Mullenweg, who introduced WordPress in January 2003. Little did he realized at that time that this podium will become the bread and butter of billions of people who used them as their full-fledged profession? With the introduction of new features being introduced from time to time, more and more businesses started switching over to WordPress platform. For example in 2004 version 1.2, plugins were introduced, in 2005 version 1.5, themes, static pages and comment moderation tools were presented and as of date i.e. in 2016 version 4.5.2 inline links and security issues have been familiarized.

It takes only a few minutes to install this open source software script, all you need a great web host who will be able to assist you in getting your website on the World Wide Web instantly. To give a valiant and professional look to your website you will require a good theme showcasing your business or blog. The best part of this platform is you can effortlessly switch between different themes from time to time with a single click.

In case you have been on a diverse platform the following features may help you move on this unfaltering WordPress platform:

Fully Gratis – Irrespective of your profession whether you are a blogger or intend to create your online presence by launching a business website or an e-commerce site, you don’t have to pay anything to get this script. From your web host’s control panel you will be able to install the WordPress script free of cost. As an open source code your web developer may be able to alter the source code to create a site according to your requirement.

Instant web presence – As soon as you install the WordPress script you can start working on it to provide the vital shape and design. With the help of your website’s theme documentation you can start working on it step-by-step. Like you can upload your business logo on it, place advertisements, fill header and footer, work on menus and categories etc.

Flexible interface – No matter whether you intend to launch a personal blog, business or an e-commerce website, WordPress will be able to amalgamate easily in any interface due to its versatility via its broad features and extensions.

Search Engine Friendly – Yes you don’t have to worry to rank better in search engine when you have chosen WordPress as your platform. Search Engines require good, fresh content and descriptive titles for images to get crawled. In fact Google’s Matt Cutts has also endorsed WordPress during WordCamp San Francisco 2009. Even his personal blog has also been on this platform.

Security Issues – Because of its prominence as a robust CMS, hackers frequently target on this platform. But as a precaution WordPress developers always takes the security of its users very seriously. It also depends on the users of WordPress to remain cautious and do not download pirated plugins or themes as they contain malware and hackers take hold of that site easily. Moreover, from time to time WordPress updates its software to avert attacks. From its version 3.7 WordPress has introduced its capability for automatic update. Like, if you forget to update your site to its new version WordPress will automatically update it.

Easily customization – The presence of thousands of plugins  and stunning themes helps in getting your site tailor made according to your requirement. You are at liberty to give any shape to your blog or website like that of magazine or newspaper or a virtual online shopping mall. You can even place your portfolio and showcase your work to get employed in any organization who might get attracted to see the beautiful portfolio on a blog or website.

Glamour – You can place different image galleries, sliders, video and audio files to enrich the experience of your users. It’s quite easy to insert multimedia files in any size into a page or post. It has also become a good source of revenue as companies place their advertisements and reach their target audience within no time. Because of its versatility you can get instant support if you need to solve a problem through WordPress forums.

Easy Business support – If you have an e-commerce website you can effortlessly sell your products and services. WordPress can easily integrate with popular payment gateways of the world. If you have a hotel and restaurant you can book your hotel rooms and restaurant through this platform. You can also reach your target audience through WordPress by sending personalized newsletters. For sending newsletters you can avail the services of MailChimp and Aweber. This platform is mobile friendly, users can access your blog or website through their smartphones and tablets. Remember, for a mobile friendly website your theme should have to be responsive.

Changing your web host is easy – If you are not satisfied with your web host because it can’t handle your website traffic or their servers remain down most of the time you can switch from one web host to another with ease through WordPress.

Regular updates –  As an open platform, from time to time WordPress hires proficient developers who enhances the user experience so that it comes out as one of the best CMS. These developers also look at the vulnerability and cover the loopholes in it through its regular updates.

So with a free specialized platform you can simply reach your target audience if you have a business, developers can earn their bread and butter, bloggers can lend their voice, students can place their resume and portfolio, you can create all sorts of directories –  like a business directory, a membership directory, a real estate directory, to name only a few uses through awesome WordPress platform.