Running Your Site On the Go with WordPress

August 14, 2017 10:49 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, a journalist, or just someone with a hobby website, there’s a good chance you’re not planted in front of your computer all day. Even if you live that nine to five lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you always have access to your site via your computer. Perhaps your website is actually a side project in no way related to your day job. If your site is the main priority of your business operations, you could still be forced to be on the road most of the day. You know the old saying (if quoting the Alec Baldwin scene from the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross can be considered an old saying) “always be closing.” You could be out of the office attending sales meetings, doing lunch, or any of the other aspects of a business that doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer. So what’s a road warrior with a website to maintain to do?


You already have someone else in charge of your web hosting, so that’s one concern you won’t need to have. Site outages, bandwidth adjustments and server side issues are someone else’s job. However, you are still the master of content. The customer facing side is all you. Your knowledge is the reason people are visiting your site. That means your audience is relying on you to produce a consistent stream of content to keep them coming back. What’s a content producer on the go to do? Luckily, a variety of options have sprung up that allow you to edit your WordPress site with ease right from your phone. Here are some of the most popular apps that allow to write and make fast edits to your WordPress build.


The Official WordPress App

WordPress App

Whether you’re on an iPhone or using an Android device, WordPress has an official app for you. It’s fairly robust, or rather, as robust as a quick on the go fix app should be. Those looking for the equivalent of the desktop experience may be let down a bit, but all the functionality a content producer would want on their phone is present. Not only can you write new posts and edit old ones, you’ll also be able to upload images and videos directly from your phone. On the fly publishing has never been easier. As an added bonus, you can view site stats so you can measure traffic any time you want. Reporting is a piece of cake. You can even manage comments left on your site from the WordPress app. After all, the community you create is important. It’s even more important to be on top of any negative comments or spam that might make its way into your comment section. Nothing is worse than letting a damaging comment sit on your site for hours because you don’t have access to a computer.




If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, this app comes highly recommended. While it’s really for journalists and those who write for a living, there’s no reason why anyone with a WordPress site can’t benefit from it. Byword is a no frills text editor that is clean and unobtrusive. If you want to get writing done, that’s what this app will let you do. You can publish directly to WordPress (as well as other popular blogging platforms) as soon as you’re done writing. No fumbling around with uploading documents or switching between apps. Byword’s functionality lets you think outside the box as well. Looking to create a newsletter you can email out to your list? Export directly to a PDF and send away. If you’re familiar with Markdown and use it, you can also write in Markdown for easy web publishing without having to worry about code appearing in your blog posts.  Anyone who creates content for the web should at least check out Byword.




Another iOS app makes the list, but Apple just so happens to get a lot of good WordPress compatible apps. It’s multi-platform like Byword is, however there is additional compatibility with YouTube, Flickr and more multimedia services. If video marketing is part of your strategy this is indispensable. Some of BlogPress’ features include comment managing, scheduling your posts so you can “set it and forget it,” location tags, social media sharing, and local drafting. If you create content beyond your WordPress site, BlogPress might be the app for you.


A WordPress build is the most convenient way to set up a site while having the ability to also edit it from any of your devices. It provides stress free web hosting, an easily understandable content management system, and a wide variety of third party applications that can not only sync WordPress but your other social channels as well. Check out these phone and tablet apps. They’ll change the way you approach running your site.