Introducing cPanel Connect, a cPanel Management Tool

August 22, 2017 3:14 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s time to share a new cPanel Management Tool we’ve been working on at GoGoCreate called cPanel Connect. We started from the beginning and thought, “If we created a hosting company, what would we want in it?”.

The biggest issue we faced was managing multiple clients across all the array of hosting companies that are available, so we came up with a cPanel account management tool called cPanel Connect. It is currently live and 100% free to use (we make our money through hosting and soon through white labeled support.)

Here’s a demo video of importing a WHM account with multiple cPanel accounts set up under it. The same tool also works for individual cPanel accounts.


What do I need for my WHM or cPanel integration?

When you signed up for your hosting account through GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, or whoever, you were more than likely given cPanel access similar to “” along with a username and password. That is all you’re going to need to get started!


You need my precious cPanel password?

Yes, we do, Gollum. It’s the only way to establish a connection to you cPanel account, but don’t worry. We encrypt and send all of our data over a secure network and we hash the password for safe storage for future calls as well. If you choose to disable the cPanel Connection we will completely remove your data from our network.


What if I can’t establish a connection?

This is still in an advanced beta simply because there are so many WHM & cPanel configurations, it’s almost impossible to test them all. If you experience any issues, please feel free to contact our Lead Developer, John McMullen at


What tools are available to me once I’m connected?

Outside of the best tool, managing all of your cPanel accounts across multiple hosts in one location, we currently offer:

  • 1-Click Logins (also search and Shift+Enter when you get down to one result to automatically log in)
  • Quick analytics on server storage and bandwidth
  • Quick access to the File Manager, phpMyAdmin, FTP Accounts and Email Accounts
  • FTP Account Management is coming soon!


What if I want to remove a cPanel account?

You’re not held hostage, you can simply click the “Disconnect” link on the sidebar when you view the details of your account and you will be guided through the step to disconnect your account. When disconnected, it removes all of our backend access and data from the server.


If this is a tool that would help you we’d love to have you use it and provide feedback!