Focusing Your Blog Content for Income

August 11, 2017 9:54 am Published by Leave your thoughts

With an estimated 76.5 million WordPress-hosted websites currently active in the web alone, it’s no surprise that blogging has become much more than just a hobby for many people. Whether you want to create content for your business that attracts clients, or you simply want to blog about your hiking adventures last summer, the flexibility and purpose of what you want to write about is limitless. And while this is undoubtedly amazing in itself, it also means that the road towards making a steady income for yourself through your blogging will not always be easy. You’ll need steady web traffic. You’ll also need a host of SEO skills. But most importantly, you’ll need to have engaging content that will bring in readers to your blog.


Finding your niche in blogging.


At this point you might be headed towards an important crossroads, where personal decisions have to be made in order for your blog to grow freely. A proper foundation is essential to any blog hoping to be seen by people, especially when you’ve already spent time and money promoting it. As much as you love your blog, you have to remember that if you’re in this to make money, you’ll have to make some personal sacrifices to the blogs content. If you are knowledgeable about motor vehicles, make that your niche. Don’t add the daily life of your cats into your blog about motor vehicles. The content you put out should be devoid of any personal touches that aren’t essential to your blogs culture and niche. If you feel it adds a nice touch of hospitality and invites readers in, go ahead! But always remember to be professional about your content. Don’t make your readers feel like you are only in this to be creative-and not altogether informative.

If you’re looking to manage a blog that contains multiple topics of content all under one website, you’ll have a hard time keeping it SEO friendly. This is not particularly because your dedicated efforts at SEO building have failed, rather that search engines like Google are constantly evolving the standard of what is shown. Websites and associated blogs that cater to a specific audience can typically write more authoritative content than a website that has a host of competing topics that are unrelated to each other. For instance, you wouldn’t trust a motorcycle blog to review that brand new surfboard you wanted, right? It stands to reason that search engines will always rank sites that display a high level of authority and public recognition to their brand over sites that spread their content through multiple competing topics. This is why it is important for you to think carefully about how you want to proceed with your blog.

If you’re in this just for fun and using your blog as a creative outlet, the amount of traffic you bring in isn’t an important factor. But if you blog for a living, your income is directly proportional to the amount of traffic your website can bring in.

This is why you’ll want to prioritize the content of your blog and focus on the best path towards maintaining your authority (and reliability) on the matter.


Focus on your blogging content.


Once you have found your niche and have solidified your content around that niche, you’ll be able to focus your energy in making your blog both a passion project AND a meaningful form of income. Not only will you be clear of possible distractions that hamper your true passion, your blog will also be clear of bloat and excess that may have driven away potential readers. Remember, your readers are looking for specific information, not generalized content. They will opt for more niche content that can provide them with the information they need. How you brand yourself is a critical factor in making money through your blog.

Here are a few personnel tips that can help your decision:

  • Take your time to think about this. What is your passion? What is it you truly want to write about? Do you believe you can make money off of it? If you feel that you have niche content that fits all the above, then it’s a good starting point. Stay with that idea and run with it!
  • Focus on what you are good at. Yes, you can always take the time out of your day to attempt to learn more about the topics you may want to add to your blog, but have no clue about. This can take a lot of valuable time and may not always provide you with the right information. This is especially true if the content that you’ve painstakingly researched and attempted to master ends up becoming a distraction to your blog.
  • If you really want to focus on multiple content, you can always create another website or blog and work on both. This way you can keep your content separate and readers will be able to easily identify both sites for what they are rather than one that has everything cluttered together in a directionless mess. GoGoCreate offers a quick and easy panel to switch between your sites and manage multiple brands.

Being able to set the direction of your blog from early on will ease your blogging life and give you a solid foundation to work upon. I hope this has helped!